Friday, November 2, 2012

Fence Tips

Some tips to prevent your fence posts from rotting:

Timber fence posts tend to bear the full brunt of any prevailing weather conditions. Therefore, their life span tends to be dictated by the preservation measures and maintenance you carry out.

Here are some tips for getting longevity out of your timber fence posts:
  1. The bottom of each fence post should be thoroughly soaked in wood preservative.  This should give it some protection from the elements underground.
  2. Thoroughly paint the rest of the post in wood preservative. Give it a couple of coats.
  3. Make sure the posts are thoroughly dry. This could take up to 24 hours.
  4. Apply new wood preservative on the fence post every couple of years.

How To Nail Fence Panels to Fence Posts

Recently I had the chance to do some improvements to the fence enclosing my above ground pool (that I got a great deal on at Swimtown Pools if anyone's on the market).
The tools you will need are:
  • Drill.
  • Various bits.
  • Hammer.
  • Screw driver.
  • Fence panels (I picked mine up at Ace Hardware, but not sure if everyone's local Ace will carry them).
  • Posts - one more than the number of panels.
  • Alloy nails - 50mm.
  • Fence clips - four per panel.
You should use the following procedures:
  1. Drill holes for the nails into each panel. You will need six holes at each end. Three on each side through the inner face of the panel frame at the top middle and bottom. Drill the holes completely through.
  2. Keep the panel pressed into position against the first post. You should leave space at the bottom of the panel for a 150mm gravel board - do this by perching the panel on a couple of bricks.
  3. Secure the fence by nailing the panel to the first post. Hammer the nail in at a slight downward angle - this should prevent the panel easing away from the post at a later date.
  4. Place the second post at the other end of the panel. Make sure the posts are level with each other. Fix together by hammering the nails through the panel and into the post.