Monday, December 19, 2011

Vacationing in Oregon

Oregon is a state of natural beauty and attracts thousands of visitors annually.  Find out what makes Oregon so unique and why you should plan your next vacation in Oregon.

The Coast
Oregon has 363 miles of coast, dotted with lighthouses, fishing towns and natural scenery.  I would recommend making a road trip out of it to get the full effect of Oregon's coast.  Spend a day or two driving up the coast line, making stops at some of the popular towns to get a bite to eat or crash for the night.

Willamette Valley
Known particularly for its agriculture, it is home to a majority of Oregon's wine production.  It is also host to a large number of biking trails and hiking paths for the outdoorsy type.  The college towns of Eugene (University of Oregon) and Corvallis (Oregon State University) also make the area unique.

Eastern Oregon
If you really want to get away from it all, this is the place to visit.  Spectacular mountain elegant lakes and rugged terrain make this area one of a kind.  Popular sites include the Painted Hills near John Day, the Steens Mountains and Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America.

Learn more about visiting Oregon at Travel Oregon website.

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